Mickey Thompson Standard Limited Warranty

Every first quality tyre bearing our name and serial number and not branded "NA" which is not used for racing is warranted to be free of defects in workmanship and material during the life of the original tread design.




When the tread becomes worn down to 1.6 mm (shown by tread wear indicators moulded into the tread grooves) the tyre is worn out and this warranty ends.



The replacement charge will be determined by multiplying the consumer's original purchase price by the percentage of original tread depth worn from the tyre. The consumer must pay for mounting, balancing and any other additional charges, or the acceptance by the consumer of a higher priced replacement tyre.

The warranty is made for the exclusive benefit of the original owner actually using these products, is not assignable and no claim hereunder will be recognised unless submitted on our standard claim form duly filled out and signed by such owner or authorised reseller.
This warranty does not in any way extend to any consequential damages or losses.
There is no other warranty, or liability, expressed or implied, applicable to these products. No representative has the authority to make any representation, promise, or agreement except as stated herein.
This warranty does not cover tyres that become unserviceable due to:

Bias tyres tend to ride and handle differently than radials. Bias ply or Bias Belted and radial tyres should not be mixed on the same vehicle.
M/T is not responsible for abnormal wear due to suspension modifications and/or improper maintenance.
Mickey Thompson Tire Company offers tyres for sale, which may be used in racing either on or off road. Due to the many varied and different conditions to which racing tyres are exposed and because of the manner in which racing is conducted, Mickey Thompson Tire Company makes absolutely no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the fitness for a general or particular purpose or of merchantability in connection with any offer of sale or sale of racing tyres. "MICKEY THOMPSON RACING TYRES USED IN RACING ARE SOLD AS IS".