40% Road & Sand, 60% Dirt & Mud

The new Deegan 38 tyre from Mickey Thompson, designed in cooperation with racing icon Brian Deegan, is the ultimate all-purpose mud terrain tyre with aggressive style and performance and great street manners too.


Who is Brian Deegan?deegan38-4.jpg

Brian Deegan is a co-founder of the Metal Mulisha, a decorated Freestyle Motocross rider, a sixteen time X Games medal winner, a five time Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Champion, and a Global Rally Cross Racer.



1. Clears Water and Mud Fast

Wide Outer Voids clear water and mud from the tread faster and aid self cleaning

2.Aggressive yet quiet

Reduced noise design in the Tighter Inner Void sections provide greater contact area between the road and tyre.

3. Ultimate Damage Protection

Stone Ejector Ribs help to eject stones, repel loose soil and mud from the tread and resist stone drilling for added damage protection.

4. Traction to the max

Generous Siping allows lugs to better conform to different surfaces whilst improving wet weather traction and performance.

5. Maximum Self Cleaning Ability

Asymmetric Scalloped Shoulder Lugs guide loose soil and mud out of the tread for more traction and self cleaning ability. Scallops provide added protection from cutting and chipping.

6. Deegan Deviation

Get Brian Deegan's seal of approval, with signature "Deegan 38" Sidebiter design for certified tyre quality and superior off-road performance.

M/T Fact:

Deeper Tread

Having 12.5% deeper tread than most other brands means more grip, more kilometres and more resistance to damage.



Size  Ply Rating  Load & Speed   Approved Rim Width   OD mm 
LT31x10.5R15 6 109Q 7.0-9.0 777
LT32x11.5R15 6 113Q 8.0-10.0  803
LT33x12.5R15 6 108Q 8.5-11.0  828
 LT305/70R16 (33x12.50R16)  10 124P 8.0-9.5 831
LT265/75R16 (32x10.5R16) 10 123Q 7.0-8.0 805
LT285/75R16 (33x11.5R16) 10 126Q 7.5-9.0 833
LT315/75R16 (35x12.50R16) 10 127Q 8.0-11.0 881
LT37x12.50R17 8 124Q 8.5-11.0 932
LT265/70R17 (32x10.5R17) 10 121Q 7.0-8.5 805
LT305/65R17(33x12.50R17) 10 121Q 8.5-11.0 833
LT315/70R17(35x12.50R17) 8 121Q 8.0-11.0 876
LT305/60R18(33x12.50R18) 10 121Q 8.5-11.0 826
LT305/70R18(35x12.50R18) 10 126Q 8.5-10.0 889
LT305/55R20 (33x12.50R20) 10 121Q 8.5-11.0 846

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